"The place where three really IS a magic number!" A radio program for kids and families that airs Saturdays from 9-10 AM EST on WRFL, 88.1 FM in Lexington KY.

Playlist 3/13/10

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

This week on Ages 3 and Up! we continued Gustafer Yellowgold Month, celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day with Irish songs, Rockin’ Leprechauns and the color GREEN, visited with Sarah and Neil from Rock N’ Romp Lexington and played some kids who rock!

Frances England– “Sleepyhead Mommy”- Family Tree
Flannery Brothers– “Sleepyhead”- Move Over Lullabies…It’s Time for Wake Up Songs!
The Speks– “Saint Patrick’s Day”- Downloadable Single
Gugalai’ Gug!- “Ce’ Mhe’ad Me’ar?”-v/a Gugalai’ Gug!
Sunflow– “I Wish You Love”- Under the Stars
The Irish Rovers– “The Unicorn”- v/a The Best of Shel Silverstein
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers– “Rockin’ Rockin’ Leprechauns”- Roadrunner Roadrunner: The Beserkley Collection
Little Miss Ann– “Sing a Rainbow”- Music for Tots
Kermit the Frog– “Bein’ Green”- Muppet Show: Music, Mayhem and More!
Gustafer Yellowgold– “Dream in Green”- Gustafer Yellowgold’s Have You Never Been Yellow?
Jad and David Fair– “Four Leaf Clover”- Six Dozen Cookies
Dean Jones– “Lucky”- Rock Paper Scissors
Guv’ner– “Lucky Ladybug”- v/a Greasy Kid Stuff 2
Medeski Martin & Wood– “The Squalb”- Let’s Go Everywhere
Snow Monster!- “Hands Are For Helping”- Ready in Seconds!
Smoosh– “Rad”- She Like Electric
Tiny Masters of Today– “Tooty Frooty (Clarke’s Dream Song)”- Bang Bang Boom Cake
John Upchurch and Mark Greenberg– “In My Blue House”- John and Mark’s Children’s Record

A word about the wonderful Irish kids’ song I couldn’t pronounce: It comes from this CD/book combo (pictured right). Quince from The Speks, whose “Saint Patrick’s Day” song we played, called from Ireland to let me know that the name of the song is pronounced “Kay Vade Mare,” and the CD/book is pronounced “Googley Goog.” The title of the song we heard means “How Many Fingers?”- it’s a counting song! It turns out that The Speks are friends with the people who put out Gugalai’ Gug!- small world, indeed!

Another word about Rock N’ Romp: It happens Saturday, March 20th at Al’s Bar in Lexington, Ky. Al’s Bar is located on the corner of Sixth and Limestone. Snow Monster! will be there with Tula and The Swells, and you MUST have a child with you in order to be admitted. Like we said on the show, kidnapping is strongly discouraged. If you decide to bring a child with you who is not your own, make sure you have permission from his or her parents. 🙂

And a final word related to Gustafer Yellowgold month: Head on over and read about the Gustafer Yellowgold Art Gallery Contest ! Now and through the end of the month, you can upload your own Gustafer Yellowgold creations (like the AWESOME Lite Brite pic at your left) to Gustafer’s art gallery. A winner will be selected randomly to win a Gustafer Yellowgold “boneless action figure.” I’m pretty sure we have one of these, and they are swell- far better than action figures with bones. You can see Gustafer’s gallery here.

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