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Playlist 3/6/10

It’s Gustafer Yellowgold Month at Ages 3 and Up! All during the month of March we will be featuring Gustafer Yellowgold both on the show and here, at the blog. This week we played “I’m From the Sun,” a brief introduction to Gustafer from his first release, Wide Wild World (pictured above). For those of you unfamiliar, Gustafer Yellowgold is a little fellow who came to our planet from the sun. His CD/DVD sets tell his stories about the friends he meets and things he comes to love while on our planet. I recently contributed to an as of yet unpublished list of the best kids records of all time, and the Gustafer Yellowgold series topped my list. The songs are so good, so original, so inventive and full of imagination. Gustafer is easy for kids to identify with, because he is very much like a child- experiencing our world for the first time, full of wonder. Seriously…if you haven’t yet met Gustafer Yellowgold, you are missing out. Check out the video below the player.

We did play other things besides Gustafer Yellowgold. They were really good too! Notable and new were the Flannery Brothers’ Move Over Lullabies…It’s Time For Wake Up Songs!, Jad and David Fair’s Six Dozen Cookies, and Dan Zanes and Friends’ 76 Trombones. All three of those releases are very well worth checking out, and will be heard again on Ages 3 and Up!


Flannery Brothers– “In the Morning”- Move Over Lullabies…It’s Time For Wake Up Songs!
The Piggleswick Folk– “Teddy Bears Picnic”- v/a Fuzzy Felt Folk
David Grisman and Jerry Garcia– “Teddy Bears Picnic”- Not For Kids Only
Rosemary Clooney– “Fuzzy Wuzzy”- Kiddie Records Weekly 2009 (Disc 1)
Caspar Babypants– “Take the Sun”- More Please!
Jad and David Fair– “Grampa’s Books”- Six Dozen Cookies
The Boy Least Likely To– “Fairytale Ending”- The Law of the Playground
The Kids Band– “Thumbelina”- Ultimate Kids Collection
Dan Zanes and Friends feat. Father Goose– “Thumbelina”- 76 Trombones
Twink– “Thumbelina”- Twink
Gustafer Yellowgold– “I’m From the Sun”- Gustafer Yellowgold’s Wide Wild World
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Family– “Bright Clear Day”- Go Waggaloo
3 Titans– “College”- College/The Life of a Scholar 7″
Skee-Lo– “The Tale of Mr. Morton”- v/a School House Rock! Rocks
Secret Agent 23 Skiddoo– “Life is Music”- Easy


Tune in next week to hear more Gustafer Yellowgold, St. Patrick’s Day fun from The Speks, and a bit about the highly anticipated Rock N’ Romp Lexington!

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