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Playlist 6/26/10

This week Ages 3 and Up! was one of four children’s music programs in the United States to premiere a track from the highly anticipated, forthcoming, second album from The Not-Its! . We played “FANTASTIC,” a more developed version of a track we first heard on a demo they sent us back in August of 2008, some time before their first album was released. The song was formerly titled “My Favorite Person.” Love it! We played more songs along that line for all of our favorite people out there, including songs from Dan Zanes and Friends and Billy Kelly. We played “Caterpillar Caterpillar,” in honor of Eric Carle’s birthday, and a BUNCH of nonsense songs.

New music from The Pop Ups, PlaySoundz, Ralph and Ralph and Justin Roberts, as well. We promised we’d post Justin Roberts’ video for “Obsessed By Trucks,” so it is just below the list. What list????

This list:

The Pop Ups– “I’m Tired”- Outside Voices

PlaySoundz– “Alphabot”- Electronic Music For Children
The Not-Its!- “FANTASTIC”- Time Out to Rock! (forthcoming, WORLD PREMIERE!!!)
Dan Zanes and Friends– “You I Like”- 76 Trombones
Billy Kelly– “(Let Me Tell You)What I Like About You”- Thank You For Joining The Happy Club
Kira Willey– “Caterpillar Caterpillar”- Dance For the Sun
Justin Roberts– “Obsessed By Trucks”- Jungle Gym
Ralph and Ralph– “The Beat of Me”- Opposites
John Upchurch and Mark Greenberg– “Pat, The Alligator Lady”- John and Mark’s Children’s Record
Stanley Holloway– “The Pig Tale”- The Nonsense Verse of Carroll and Lear
Jim Copp and Ed Brown– “The Barnyard Parade”- Agnes Mouthwash and Friends
Treehouse 10– “Meet My Frog”- Bug In A Puddle
They Might Be Giants– “I Am Not Your Broom”- No!
The Telephone Company– “Mr. Peanut”- Panda Brain!
Ratboy Jr.- “Floating Up”- Smorgasbord