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Playlist 10/18/08

I played LOTS of nifty things this week on Ages 3 and Up!:

Basil Kirchin– “I Start Counting”- v/a Fuzzy Felt Folk
Donovan– “A Funny Man”- Pied Piper
The King Cole Trio– “Three Blind Mice”- v/a Nicky’s Jazz for Kids
Central Services Board of Education– “The Many Uses, and Dangers, of Commas”- s/t (forthcoming)
Mr. T Experience– “Unpack Your Adjectives”- v/a A Slice of Lemon
Skee-Lo– “The Tale of Mr. Morton”- v/a School House Rock Rocks!
Twink– “Night Sway”- s/t
Sun Ra– “The Forest of No Return”- Second Star to the Right (Salute to Walt Disney)
The Fembots– “Under Your Bed”- v/a See You on the Moon!
Recess Monkey– “Robin (The Sugar Goblin)”- Tabby Road
Eban Schletter– “Devil Doll”- Witching Hour
The Sippy Cups– “The Day After Halloween”- One Day Soon (forthcoming)
Eyeball Skeleton– “Flat Top Vampire”- #1
Eban Schletter– “Bleh”- Witching Hour
Kimya Dawson– “Bobby-O”- Alphabutt
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers– “The Wheels on the Bus”- Roadrunner, Roadrunner…
Candy Band– “Monsters”- More Candy
Me3– “Doug the Mole”- The Thin King
Stuart Murdoch– “Florence’s Sad Song”- v/a Songs For The Young At Heart
Elizabeth Mitchell– “Three Little Birds”- You Are My Little Bird

Songs about grammar, more spooky scariness, and the saddest children’s song I’ve ever heard.

New music from the Central Services Board of Education, a Disney classic from Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Arkestra (see/hear the original below), an AWESOME new Halloween album from Eban Schletter, video from The Sippy Cups’ forthcoming release, more new music from Kimya Dawson and Me3….PHEW!

About “Florence’s Sad Song”- This version was recorded by Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian, and appears on the Songs For the Young at Heart compilation. The song originally aired in 1972 on the BBC’s The Magic Roundabout series, in a feature length episode entitled Dougal and the Blue Cat, and was later released as a 7″ single on the Music for Pleasure label. This is, indeed, the saddest children’s song I’ve ever heard. If you’d like to see clips from The Magic Roundabout or Dougal and the Blue Cat, you can do it by searching YouTube.

Have a great week!

Playlist 10/11/08

This week I took over for Neil just a bit before Ages 3 and Up! normally starts, which afforded me the opportunity to play some grown up music. Here’s what I played:

Ornette Coleman– “Endless”- Tomorrow Is the Question!
Charlie Parker/Miles Davis– “Now’s The Time”- Birdsongs
Asao Kikuchi– “Kula Botanical Gardens”- v/a Childish Music
Thurston Moore/Warren DeFever– “Roots”- Root
My Bloody Valentine– “Don’t Ask Why”- Glider

The Moore/Defever and My Bloody Valentine tracks bled into the kids’ hour (oops!), so you get to hear some of them below. Here’s what was played on Ages 3 and Up!:

Elizabeth Mitchell– “If You Listen”- You Are My Little Bird
Me 3– “Tulip”- The Thin King
Tiny Tim– “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”- Laugh In
Brian Vogan– “That’s How a Pumpkin Grows”- Little Songs
Recess Monkey– “Wolf Man”- Tabby Road
The Poppy Family– “Shadows On My Wall”- A Good Thing Lost
Ralph Bell– “Here We Go!”- Great Ghost Stories
The Tastebuds– “?” (Halloween Song)- Yummyfun Kooking Halloween Episode
Rasputina– “A Skeleton Bang”- v/a Colours Are Brighter
Smoosh– “The Quack”- She Like Electric
Eyeball Skeleton– “Spooky Mummy Case”- #1
Supernova– “Monsta”- Supernova
Various– “The Haunted House”- Thrilling Chilling Sounds of the Haunted House
The Spider Monkey Noodles– “Casper The Friendly Ghost”- Demo
Christopher Casson– “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”- v/a Fuzzy Felt Folk
Vienna State Opera Chorus– “Humming Chorus” from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly- Pavarotti’s Opera Made Easy: Favorite Operas for Children
Dean Jones– “Bygones”- Nappers Delight
P:ano– “Sunny”- v/a For The Kids Three

Highlights from this week’s show included songs about gardening- tulips, in particular, but also pumpkins- spooky, creepy Halloweeny tunes and a teensy bit of opera. I played new music from Me3, whose new album The Thin King gets a GLOWING recommendation from yours truly, and Yummyfun Kooking’s house band, The Tastebuds.
(An interesting musical sidenote on Yummyfun: Yummy Clare, the show’s hostess, used to be in a band with Beck. She helped film and produce the video for “Loser.”)

Playlist 10/4/08


Last week on Ages 3 and Up! we played some songs from Sesame Street. Oddly, a friend who I don’t think heard the show gave me a copy of this newly released collection from Putumayo Kids, which features EVEN MORE songs from Sesame Street, many in other languages. So, this week on Ages 3 and Up! we played (you guessed it!) EVEN MORE songs from Sesame Street.

Here’s the other music we played:

The Free Design– “Love You”- Sing For Very Important People
The Insect Trust– “Glade Song”- Hoboken Saturday Night
David Bowie/Philadelphia Orchestra– “Peter and the Wolf”- Peter and the Wolf
Ernie– “Rubber Duckie (in Chinese!)”- v/a Sesame Street Playground
James Taylor– “Jellyman Kelly”- v/a Songs From the Street
Sesame Street Kids– “Sing”- v/a Sesame Street Playground
The Pointer Sisters– “Pinball Number Count”- v/a Songs From the Street
They Might Be Giants– “Seven”- Here Come the 123’s
Smoosh– “Rad”- She Like Electric
ShiSho– “Rocks and Penalties”- s/t
Snowmonster!- “Make Your Own Kind of Music”- Ready in Seconds!
John Williams/London Symphony- “Cantina Song”- Star Wars Soundtrack