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ONLY EIGHT VIDEOS LEFT, as the final days of Zooglobble‘s KidVid Tournament 2012 approach.  Welcome back to Ages 3 and Up!, where we’re thrilled to be hosting round 3 of the competition in the Woody Guthrie Region.  This time around we have videos from Princess Katie & Racer Steve and the Imagination Movers.  Will “Sand In My Sandwich” kick sand in the face of “Everybody Sing,” or will the Imagination Movers be singing Princess Katie & Racer Steve the chorus from this classic???  Watch and decide, then VOTE in the poll at the bottom of this post.

Princess Katie & Racer Steve- “Sand In My Sandwich”

Imagination Movers- “Everybody Sing”


For more KidVid excitement, you might visit our friends at Spare The Rock, Spoil The Child to pick your favorite video in the competition being hosted there TODAY, all day!

Comments on: "KidVid 2012 Round 3, Woody Guthrie Region" (2)

  1. I’ve been following the results, and I’m curious how many total votes have been cast. The results have been fluctuating by 100ths of a percentage point. There must be thousands of people voting!

    • Hello again, Wendy! It looks like our site received 1091 hits yesterday, and 560 votes were cast in the competition. My understanding was that Polldaddy would automatically close the poll after 200 votes, but it seems I misunderstood. Thanks for following the competition so closely and for voting in KidVid 2012!

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