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Playlist 12/17/11

December 17th, 2011 will hopefully go down in history as the worst episode of Ages 3 and Up! ever.  You wouldn’t know if from reading our playlist, but absolutely everything went wrong… poorly read PSA’s, multiple instances of malfunctioning equipment, even more instances of a malfunctioning DJ who tried to pronounce a lovely Irish name then completely butchered it, then immediately followed up by ejecting a CD while it was playing… you name it, it happened.   All of my DJ nightmares came true on 12/17/11.  (You know it’s bad when you end the show by apologizing and saying “They can’t ALL be good, folks.”)  So, as penance for my bad DJ ways, I present some easily downloadable holiday albums for kids and families -perfect for your last minute holiday enjoyment, I think.

Todd McHatton has been building a Christmas CD a few songs at a time for the past few years, and it is FANTASTIC!  This year he’s added four new original songs to his Christmas Songs album- formerly his Christmas Songs EP but I think it’s now officially too big to be called an EP.  While it’s described as a “brief collection of holiday fun” above, it’s actually more in the neighborhood of 25 minutes of holiday fun.    Well worth the $1.99 required to download the whole thing, in my opinion.

Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke also built on the stupendous collection of holiday tunes they began last year.  Their Sing Songs of Christmas Cheer album clocks in at around 24 minutes and is comprised of unconventional versions of traditional Christmas carols (“Silent Night,” “Angels We Have Heard on High,” “Jingle Bells”) and original songs that are destined to be played on our show for years to come (“Christmas Pudding” and “Christmas Time Is Here”).  Really great stuff, and also well worth the cost of the download.

Here’s what we played:

  • Sheree Plett– “Leave No Trace Behind”- Hello Night
  • Woody Guthrie– “Riding In My Car”- Nursery Days
  • Bunny Clogs– “Are We There Yet?”- More! More! More!
  • Todd McHatton– “Sing Along To This Christmas Song”- Christmas Songs
  • Rowlf the Dog– “The Christmas Party Sing-Along”- The Muppets:  A Green and Red Christmas
  • Tex Ritter– “Christmas Carols by the Old Corral”- Country’s Best Christmas
  • Billy Kelly– “Glebells Jing!”- Dear Santa Claus
  • The Jimmies– “Nogturne in C Minor”- Mama Said Nog You Out
  • Lisa Loeb– “Sippin’ Cider”-  Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along:  The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs (Book)
  • Secret Agent 23 Skidoo– “The Bluegrass Hopper”- Easy
  • Mike Park– “Turn Off The Lights”- Smile
  • Bob Dorough and Friends (Jack Sheldon)– “The Energy Blues”- School House Rock played from YouTube
  • Fuzzy Lollipop– “Beautiful Marvelous Day”- Sweet!
  • Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club– “Me and the Snowman”- Goodbye, My 4 Track
  • Lasairfhiona Ni Chonaola– “Nollaig Bhan (White Christmas)”- v/a Putumayo Presents: Celtic Christmas
  • Barbara Morrison– “Sing A Song of Six Pence”- v/a Putumayo Kids Presents:  Jazz Playground
  • Louis Armstrong– “Ten Feet Off The Ground”- v/a Nicky’s Jazz for Kids

Before everything went all wonky, we had a pretty good show lined up.  In fact, it wasn’t all bad.  We played songs about road trips and wished everyone safe holiday travel, there was a smattering of holiday tunes throughout, we played music about saving energy and asked folks to decorate responsibly, and we tried our best to have a better morning.  New music by The Jimmies, Billy Kelly, Lisa Loeb and Putumayo Records was played.

Amberly will be back with you on the morning of Christmas Eve.  Hopefully doing a much better job.  Until then, you should enjoy this video from Billy Kelly.

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