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Playlist 4/2/11

More springtime!  More music by kids!  More live performances! AND more music for kids from Central and South America this past weekend on Ages 3 and Up!.

That’s right!  We kicked off the show with some springtime tunes, including one that you can download for FREE, from Lucky Diaz’s forthcoming album.  We played songs by kids, including a newer project from a music program out of the San Francisco area called Rock Band Land.  We were joined by Aaron Raitiere, an artist we’ve been playing for the past few weeks who played not one live song for us, but THREE.  And, because I’ve been looking for an excuse to play Los Plumabits for a while, and because they were playing at Lollapalooza in Chile this weekend, we played music from Central and South America.  Fun show!

Anyway, here are the details:

  • Lunch Money– “Wake Up World”- Dizzy
  • Lucky Diaz– “Here Comes The Sun”- Oh Lucky Day! (forthcoming)
  • Care Bears on Fire– “Baby Animals”- I Stole Your Animal
  • Rainbow Beast and The Rock Band Land Rockers– “Can Man”- http://rockbandland.org
  • Juicebox Hero– “Racecars”- http://www.snowmonsterband.com
  • Tiny Masters of Today– “Tooty Frooty (Clarke’s Dream Song)”- Bang Bang Boom Cake
  • Aaron Raitiere– “A Song about A Troll A Monkey and a Fox”- LIVE IN STUDIO!
  • Aaron Raitiere– “I Saw Bigfoot”- Songs For Cool Kids
  • Glissandro 70– “Voices Are Your Best Friend”- v/a See You On The Moon!
  • Aaron Raitiere– “Goosebumps On My Goosebumps”- LIVE IN STUDIO!
  • Mariana Iranzi– “Sueño de una Noche de Verano (A Midsummer’s Night Dream)”- Aventura Collage
  • Os Mutantes– “A Minha Menina”- Os Mutantes
  • Los Plumabits– “Libre”- http://youtube.com
  • Aaron Raitiere– “I Ain’t No Zebra”- LIVE IN STUDIO! (also appears on Songs For Cool Kids)
  • The Free Design– “Kites Are Fun”- …Sing For Very Important People
  • Treehouse 10– “Sunny Weekend”- Bug In A Puddle

And here’s another from Los Plumabits:

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