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Playlist 3/26/11

Still catching up from a couple of weeks ago, folks!  I’m hoping to get this past week’s program posted before we do next week’s show- but we’ll see how that goes.

Sarah was spinning tunes for you on 3/26, while I was off celebrating my birthday.  Big thanks to her, not only for doing the show but for doing a GREAT show.

Here’s what she played:

  • The Harmonica Pocket– “Spiders In My Breakfast”- Ladybug One
  • Joanie Leeds– “Happy As A Clam”- What A Zoo!
  • Caspar Babypants– “Where Do You Go?”- This Is Fun!
  • Elizabeth Mitchell– “Winter’s Come and Gone”- You Are My Little Bird
  • Aaron Raitiere– “Take A Bath”- Songs For Cool Kids
  • The Not-Its!– “B.A.T.H.”- We Are The Not-Its!
  • Lullatone– “The Bathtime Beat”- The Bedtime Beat
  • Dog On Fleas– “Rub A Dub”- The Bestest of The Best
  • The SqueeGees– “Bubbles”- Meet The SqueeGees
  • Kelly Hogan– “Rubber Duckie”- v/a The Bottle Let Me Down:  Songs For Bumpy Wagon Rides
  • Robbert Bobbert and The Bubble Machine– “The Little Duck”- Robbert Bobbert and The Bubble Machine
  • Burl Ives– “The Little White Duck”- Burl Ives Sings “The Little White Duck” and Other Children’s Favorites
  • Music For Aardvarks and Other Mammals– “Splashing In The Tub”- Taxi
  • Keller Williams– “Hulahoop To Da Loop”- Kids
  • Recess Monkey– “Black Hole In My Bedroom”- The Final Funktier
  • Lunch Money– “You And Me And A Bottle of Bubbles”- Original Friend
  • Pink Floyd– “The Gnome”- The Piper At The Gates of Dawn

Alright!  So it looks like she was spinning good, clean, springtime fun.  She played another new track from the Joanie Leeds album pictured above, titled What A Zoo! (she’s played this album previously) and mentioned that we’d be having a special guest the following week- a gentleman by the name of Aaron Raitiere.  She also let you know that we were continuing to participate in Zooglobble‘s KidVid 2011 Tournament:  BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Keller Williams, who went on to win that WHOLE competition!  And, um…yeah.. she played me a birthday song.  Gosh!

Here’s a great cover of that song.  (We had a gnome thing going on in our birthday celebration this year.)

Until next time!

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