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Playlist 3/19/11

I like this!  It’s the most recent from Scribblemonster & His Pals, titled Look Both Ways.  It’s a collection of covers they’ve done of classic songs from Sesame Street.  I actually have some of the records some of these songs were released on, and remember others from when I was a kid!  Scribblemonster & His Pals do a fantastic job with the songs- really do them justice.  Recommended, for sure!

Playing a little catch up right now.  Here’s the playlist from a couple of weeks ago.

We played a couple of songs heralding the beginning of spring, a couple of other songs about the kinds of snakes we DON’T like, crazy name songs, a small tribute to Sesame Street, songs with videos featured in Zooglobble‘s KidVid Tournament 2011 (which was being hosted by our site that day), lullabies, and one from Aaron Raitiere- who will be joining us for a live, in-studio performance on Saturday, April 2nd.



  • Duplex– “Hibernation”- Worser
  • Frances England– “Spring Has Sprung”- Family Tree
  • Uncle Rock– “Sneaky Snake”- The Big Picture
  • Clementown– “Tattlesnake”- Polkabats and Octopus Slacks:  The Music!
  • Jim Copp and Ed Brown– “The Dog That Went To Yale”- Agnes Mouthwash and Friends vol. 1
  • The Hollow Trees– “The Squirrel (Angus MacFergus MacTavish Dundee)- Wacky’s Tackle
  • Sesame Street (Grover)– “Thirty Two Cracks In The Sidewalk”- The People In Your Neighborhood
  • Scribblemonster & His Pals– “Good Morning, Mr. Sun”- Look Both Ways
  • Brian Vogan and His Good Buddies– “How To Fly”- Sing A Little Song
  • John Upchurch and Mark Greenberg– “A Counting Error”- John and Mark’s Children’s Record
  • Sugar Free Allstars– “Cars And Trucks”- Funky Fresh and Sugar Free
  • The Not-Its!– “Green Light, Go!”- Time Out To Rock!
  • Essie Jain– “It’s A Big Wide World”- The Light of Morning
  • Daniel Martin Moore– “The Hour of Sleep”- v/a Putumayo Kids Presents:  Acoustic Playground
  • The Rest– “Pure Imagination”- v/a Sing Me To Sleep:  Indie Lullabies
  • Aaron Raitiere– “My Big Back Yard”- Songs For Cool Kids

And dig the weeds, too!:

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