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Playlist 2/19/11

This week on Ages 3 and Up! we started of the show with a little celebration of the unseasonably warm/beautiful weather we’ve been having IN FEBRUARY.  It was a perfect day for going to the park and (my favorite part) swinging on the swingset, so we played songs about swinging.  We also played a bunch of kid-friendly tracks from artists who typically write for adults, and new kids’ music from Nick Cope and Cat And A Bird.  Hope you and yours were able to get outside to play, and that you had an amazing weekend!


  • Nick Cope– “Here We Go”- What Colour is Your T-Shirt?
  • The Jellydots– “Big Swingset”- Changing Skies
  • Lake– “On The Swing”- Oh, The Places We’ll Go
  • Brian Vogan and His Good Buddies– “How To Fly”- Sing A Little Song
  • Mates of State– “17 Pink Sugar Elephants”- Crushes
  • Cat And A Bird– “Bee Jive”- Cat And A Bird
  • Professor Banjo– “QWERTYUIOP”- Old Time, Good Time
  • Jeremy Jay– “Just Dial My Number”- Splash
  • Salteens– “All My Friends Are Different”- Kid Songs
  • The Flaming Lips– “I Can Be A Frog”- Embryonic
  • Playsoundz– “Doolittle Computer”- Electronic Music For Children
  • La Grande Illusion– “Let’s Pretend”- v/a Childish Music
  • Elizabeth Mitchell– “Ooki Na Kuri No Ki No Shita De (Under the Big Chestnut Tree)”- Sunny Day
  • Lullatone– “Polka Dots”- Elevator Music
  • Shugo Tokumaru– “Lahaha”- Port Entropy
  • Sunflow– “I Wish You Love”- Under The Stars
  • Dean Jones– “Needs”- Nappers Delight
  • The New Pornographers– “Silver Jenny Dollar”- Together

And a video:

Comments on: "Playlist 2/19/11" (4)

  1. Is that last group really called The New Pornographers? In children’s music?

    • Hi Toni,

      That is the name of the band, but I assure you that there is nothing even remotely pornographic about either the band, or the song we played. The New Pornographers are a reasonably well-known independent pop super group. We played the song in honor of a conversation we had with young friends about what the tooth fairy leaves under their pillows. Some kids get silver dollars. If you’d like, you can listen to the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH-9plqhP1A .

      For the record, Ages 3 and Up! is a program intended for kids and families. That includes ALL the members of one’s family- from those persons aged 3 years to those aged 103 years. We often play vintage recordings from the 1940’s and 50’s, and sometimes we do play current, kid-friendly adult music. Our feeling is that there is a very wide world of music out there, and that kids don’t need to be pigeonholed into only listening to children’s music. That said, we do play a lot of children’s music because there is an abundance of high-quality children’s music being made right now.

      If you have further questions, I’d be glad to try and answer. Please know that no offense was intended to anyone, and that no one affiliated with Ages 3 and Up! stands in favor of promoting pornography to our young audience.



  2. And by the way, that video is awful. Who told that guy he could sing?

    • Hello again.

      We can probably all agree that taste is subjective. I’m sorry you didn’t like the video. Hopefully, someone else out there did.


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