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Playlist 1/8/11

Hi all! This week on Ages 3 and Up!, we played a whole lot of new music, in honor of the new year.  We’re pretty thrilled to see so many promising new releases, from so many of our family music faves, released this early in the year.

We anticipate some changes for Ages 3 and Up! in the coming year, including a fun new website, *hopefully* the return of the Ages 3 and Up! audio player, a fun new co-hostess, and even more community involvement (possibly including a series of book times and story times, and continued involvement with Rock N Romp Lexington). We also plan to be working a bit more closely with our sister project, Pied Piper Radio.

Speaking of Pied Piper Radio, we have set up a new store there.  The store is powered by Amazon.com.  We strongly support those who choose to shop locally, artist direct, or at smaller online stores.  If, for whatever reason, your family is unable to get the music you want through those sources, we hope you’ll consider shopping at our store.  All commissions we receive for purchases made through Amazon go to support the work we do with childrens music and media.

Alright!  Enough of the “Blah, Blah Blah…”  Here’s the list:

  • Caspar Babypants– “Baby’s Getting Up”- This Is Fun!
  • Readeez– “Meet The Clock”- Folderfuls
  • Music For Aardvarks and Other Mammals– “Mighty Milo”- All I Want!
  • Boogers– “Otto’s Orange Day”- Let’s Go! (Click HERE for free MP3!)
  • Ken Nordine– “Orange”- Colors
  • The Beatles– “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”- Yellow Submarine
  • Gustafer Yellowgold– “Cheddar”- Infinity Sock
  • Aaron Joseph– “City Kitty”- A Band Of Our Own
  • Lunch Money– “Come Over To My Dollhouse”- Original Friend
  • Carole King– “Chicken Soup With Rice”- Really Rosie
  • Marlo Thomas and Friends– “Free To Be You And Me”- Free To Be You And Me
  • Sarah Lee Guthrie and Family– “Go Waggaloo”- Go Waggaloo
  • Dog On Fleas– “Ugly Fruit”- Bestest Of The Best
  • Tom Gray– “The Mice Theme”- The Songs From “Flyaway Katie”
  • Renee & Jeremy– “It’s A Big World”- It’s A Big World
  • Frances England– “High On The Mountainside”- Mind Of My Own

Be sure to grab that free MP3 from the Boogers, and check out this video from Readeez.  It’s for “Meet The Clock,” the song we played from them this week, and comes from their new “Folderfuls” series.  More info and free stuff for those who use iProducts can be found HEREWishing you and yours health, happiness and prosperity in 2011!

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