"The place where three really IS a magic number!" A radio program for kids and families that airs Saturdays from 9-10 AM EST on WRFL, 88.1 FM in Lexington KY.

Playlist 8/7/10

This week on Ages 3 and Up!, we celebrated the fleeting, last days of summer. There were only a few days left before the public schools around Central Kentucky began their 2010-2011 terms, so we decided to enjoy songs about sunglasses, the summer time and balloons. We also played a song in honor of Ella Jenkins’ 86th birthday and a couple of tunes in honor of a VERY special holiday… one that had never happened in my lifetime and never will again. A holiday SO SPECIAL and so fleeting (like the summer) that it only lasts for ONE SECOND. That holiday was 05:06:07 8/9/10, and celebrating it made us super happy 🙂 .

Here’s what we played- hope you enjoyed your summer:

Bob Dorough and Friends– “Three Is A Magic Number”- The Best of School House Rock
Recess Monkey– “Sunglasses”- The Final Funktier
Papercuts– “Boys of Summer”- v/a Sing Me To Sleep: Indie Lullabies
Lennon’s Song– “Summertime”- We Love, We Learn, We Grow
Ella Jenkins– “All Will Be Dancing”- Rhythms of Childhood
The Pop Ups– “Balloon”- Outside Voices
Treehouse 10– “Red Balloon”- Bug In A Puddle
Ratboy Jr.- “Floating Up”- Smorgasbord
Dog On Fleas– “Balloon Man”- Beautiful World
The Okee Dokee Brothers– “Water Balloon”- Take It Outside
The Pointer Sisters– “Pinball Number Count”- v/a Songs From The Street: 35 Years of Music
Marianza Iranzi– “Contamos Hasta 10? (The Numbers Song)”- Aventura Collage
Todd McHatton– “Mr. Branch’s And His Appetizing Apparel”- Sundays At The Rocket Park
The Not-Its!- “Welcome To Our School”- Time Out To Rock!
Pete Seeger and the Rivertown Kids– “English is Cuh-Ray-Zee”- Tomorrow’s Children
Lisa Loeb– “Linger”- Camp Lisa

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