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Playlist 7/17/10

Gosh! We seem to be playing A LOT of new music on Ages 3 and Up! these days. Not that that’s a bad thing… It seems a lot of new music for kids is being produced, so I guess we have more of it to play? Anyway- TONS of new stuff this week. Most of what we played has just been released in the past year, and the REALLY new stuff we played hasn’t been released yet, at all.

REALLY new stuff from Jonathan Coulton, coming from a big deal various artists compilation called Many Hands: Family Music For Haiti. As the name implies, it is a benefit album, for the Hatian Peoples’ Support Project- put out by friends of ours, including Dean Jones from Dog On Fleas and Bill Childs from Spare The Rock, Spoil The Child (another awesome kids’ radio show from Northampton MA). It has lots of the superstars of the kids’ music world playing songs that can’t be found anywhere else, and will be available to the public on August 10th.

More REALLY new stuff from Todd McHatton. His second album, Sundays At The Rocket Park will be available later this week, on July 21st. This album is also pretty incredible. Lightly psychedelic pop for kids- recommended for fans of Gustafer Yellowgold, Dr. Seuss, Yellow Submarine, Syd and Marty Krofft.

EVEN more REALLY new stuff from The Okee Dokee Brothers. Their album, Take It Outside, is an excellent Bluegrass/Americana album. This one will be out August 3rd.

Keep listening to Ages 3 and Up! to hear more great new stuff from these and all the other amazing new albums we’ve recently acquired (and all the amazing old ones, too!). If you’re interested in EVEN more information on the albums we’ve spotlighted above, you might check out our sister show, Pied Piper Radio. All of these albums will be featured there this month!


The Pop Ups– “Subway Train”- Outside Voices
Me3– “Doug the Mole”- The Thin King
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Family– “Go Waggaloo”- Go Waggaloo
Lullatone– “The Bedtime Beatbox”- The Bedtime Beat
PlaySoundz– “Doolittle Computer”- Electronic Music For Children
Duplex!- “Orange Popsicle”- Worser
The Free Design– “Rhonda Go ‘Round”- …Sing For Very Important People
Jonathan Coulton– “The Princess Who Saved Herself”- v/a Many Hands: Family Music For Haiti
Michael Rachap– “Watermelon”- Songeez: Original Music From Readeez
Lennon’s Song– “Summertime”- We Love, We Learn, We Grow
The Mudcakes– “Summertime”- Songs For Little Sleepyheads
Heidi Swedberg and The Sukey Jump Band– “Cricket’s Lullaby”- PLAY!
Todd McHatton– “Green Eleven”- Sundays at the Rocket Park
The Dreyer Family Band– “Glitter”- Family Photograph
Gustafer Yellowgold– “Quite Easily Lost”- Mellow Fever
The Okee Dokee Brothers– “Bluegrass For Breakfast”- Take It Outside



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