"The place where three really IS a magic number!" A radio program for kids and families that airs Saturdays from 9-10 AM EST on WRFL, 88.1 FM in Lexington KY.

Playlist 5/22/10

This week on Ages 3 and Up!, we celebrated our belated birthday. It was actually last week, but we forgot (not good with that kind of thing). SO, we played all kinds of stuff, including the new albums from Candy Band, Leslie Bixler, Chad Smith and Dick Van Dyke, Heidi Swedberg and the Sukey Jump Band, The Jellydots, and The Bramble Jam, including some birthday and un-birthday songs. And we played some Bing Crosby, too!
Candy Band– “It’s Raining Green”- High Five
Leslie Bixler, Chad Smith and Dick Van Dyke– “Little Lions (And Stampede)”- Rhythm Train
Heidi Swedberg and the Sukey Jump Band– “Who Killed Poor Robin”- Play!
The Rest– “Pure Imagination”- v/a Sing Me to Sleep: Indie Lullabies
They Might Be Giants– “High Five”- Here Come the 123’s
Meco– “Empire Strikes Back (Medley)”- Meco Plays Music From Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
The Jellydots– “It’s Your Birthday”- Jelly Jukebox
Dog On Fleas– “Unbirthday”- Beautiful World
Coal Train Railroad– “My Mouth and Me”- Coal Train Railroad
Renee and Jeremy– “Watch Where You’re Goin'”- C’mon
The Bramble Jam– “Piggies”- Move Your Boots
Artichoke– “Vulture”- 26 Animals
Bing Crosby– “Jack B. Nimble”- …Sings and Narrates Jack B. Nimble
Hope YOU had a great weekend!

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