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Playlist 1/23/10

This week on Ages 3 and Up! things did not really go as planned. I played the wrong song four times, equipment failed, a visitor to the University of Kentucky’s lovely campus dropped in for directions, and Kid-O needed my help mustering up the bravery to use WRFL‘s dingy, old, disgusting, dark and scary bathroom. Arrgh… It was, simply put, a bad week.

But, that’s the way things go sometimes, so we rolled with it and did our best!

Having such a great selection of new music and old favorites definitely helped. New to us this week was More Please!, the nifty follow up release from Caspar Babypants. Also new to Ages 3 and Up! was The SpeksSing Along Songs From Glasses Island, Los Lobos Goes Disney, Renee and Jeremy’s C’mon, and the various artist compliation from Yo Gabba Gabba, called Music is Awesome!

We featured the album pictured above, John and Mark’s Children’s Record. Like we said on the show, John and Mark are John Upchurch and Mark Greenberg from The Coctails. The Coctails put out a 7″ record many years ago, called Songs For Children, which later appeared on Early Hi-Ball Years. We played “Old Gray Mare” from that release. We also played “Itchy Itchy Hay Hay” from Georgia and August Greenberg’s Sing Songs For You and Me. Mark is Georgia and August’s dad! According to Mark, these days Georgia and August are making some wonderful animations. Hopefully, we’ll soon have some of those to post here at Ages 3 and Up! If you’d like, you can download Sing Songs for You and Me for free. You can also download some fantastic coloring pages, drawn by Archer Prewitt, who was also a member of the The Coctails and a number of other prominent Chicago area bands.

Wow! I’m wordy this week.

Michael Rachap– “Boomba Boom”- Songeez: Original Music from Readeez
Robbert Bobbert– “I Am a Clock”- …And the Bubble Machine
Boogers– “Um Tut Sut”- Road to Rock
Lullatone– “Your Snore”- The Bedtime Beat
Dean Jones feat. The Felice Bros.- “Roncando”- Rock Paper Scissors
Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals– “Daddy’s Snoring”- Taxi
Caspar Babypants– “Take the Sun”- More Please!
The Coctails– “Old Gray Mare”- Early Hi-Ball Years
Georgia and August Greenberg– “Itchy Itchy Hay Hay”- …Sing Songs for You and Me
John Upchurch and Mark Greenberg– “Colors”- John and Mark’s Children’s Record
Banjos for Babes– “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”- Volume 1: Classic Children’s Songs
The Speks– “The King’s Concerto”- Sing Along Songs From Glasses Island
Dick James– “Robin Hood”- v/a Hello Children Everywhere
The Barbara Moore Singers– “Hey Robin”- v/a Fuzzy Felt Folk
Los Lobos– “Oo-De-Lally”- …Goes Disney
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke– “I Had a Little Dog”- Rise and Shine
Logan Whitehurst & the Junior Science Club– “Lizard & Fish”- Goodbye, My 4 Track
Renee and Jeremy– “Watch Where You’re Goin'”- C’mon
Chromeo– “Nice ‘n’ Clean”- v/a Yo Gabba Gabba: Music is Awesome!
Snowmonster!- “Make Your Own Kind of Music”- Ready in Seconds!
Clementown– “Gum Bubble Monday”- Polkabats and Octopus Slacks: The Music!
The Free Design– “Bubbles”- …Sing For Very Important People
Ella Fitzgerald– “Chew Chew Chew (Chew Your Bubblegum)”- Miss Ella’s Playhouse

Comments on: "Playlist 1/23/10" (4)

  1. thanks for the add Amberly! I really appreciate it…I hope my music made your dumpy week a little better…cheers! caspar

  2. You're welcome Caspar/Chris! I finally found it- someplace "safe," just like I said.Best!

  3. The music on your show is so eclectic! Thanks for sharing it with us and keep up the great work. Quince

  4. You're welcome! I love that there are so many incredible kinds of music out there for kids to listen to. It's a joy to be able to share what I find.

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