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Playlist 5/16/09

Yay! We had tons of fun this week at Ages 3 and Up! New music from The Dreyer Family Band, Billy Kelly and Mary Kaye!!! Dig it:

Unknown- “Robinson Crusoe”- v/a Songs For the Young at Heart

David Zeitlin– “Everybody Cries Sometimes”- Everybody Cries Sometimes
World Standard– “Tic Tac” v/a Childish Music
Rocknoceros– “Can You Tell Time?”- PINK!
Robbert Bobbert– “I Am a Clock”- …And the Bubble Machine
Ziggy Marley and Elizabeth Mitchell- “Wings of an Eagle”- Family Time
Father Goose– “Chi Chi Buddo”- It’s a Bam Bam Diddley!
The Free Design– “Bubbles”- …Sing for Very Important People
Dreyer Family Band– “Loud House”- Family Photograph
Tom Glazer– “Puddles” (or, possibly “Blackbird”…. I can’t remember)- Happy Rhythms and Rhymes
Mary Kaye– “Tasting Tea”- Music Box
Arthur Birkby– “Cuckoo”- v/a Fuzzy Felt Folk
Max Bygraves– “Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen By the Sea”- v/a Hello Children Everywhere
Duplex– “Figure 8”- Ablum
Bob Dorough and Friends– “Tyrannosaurus Debt”- Best of School House Rock
Biz Markie– “The Energy Blues”- v/a School House Rock Rocks!
Kira Willey– “The Shimmy”- Dance For the Sun
Little Miss Ann- “Freight Train”- Clap For Love
Billy Kelly– “Springtime..It’s My Favorite”- Thank You for Joining the Happy Club
Me3– “Sunlight”- The Thin King

Comments on: "Playlist 5/16/09" (2)

  1. dreyer family band…hurray!!

  2. Yeah, you’re back. We missed you

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