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Playlist 3/14/09

It was a dreary, rainy morning this week when we did Ages 3 and Up!, so we played rainy tunes, and ones about sunshine too! If it was rainy where you are, we hope you had fun puddle jumping making mud pies.

Here’s what we played:

The Harmonica Pocket– “Mbira Dreaming”- Ladybug One

Billy Jonas– “You Are Not Alone”- Happy Accidents
Dog On Fleas– “Beautiful World”- Beautiful World
Natalie Merchant, Michael Stipe, Mark Bingham, The Roches– “Little April Shower”- v/a Stay Awake
Lullatone– “Wooden Toy Trumpet”- v/a Childish Music
Anne Laplantaine– “December”- v/a Childish Music
Robert Forster– “Uncle Sigmund’s Clockwork Storybook”- v/a Songs For the Young at Heart
Patty Zeitlin, Marcia Berman– “Spin, Spider, Spin”- Spin, Spider, Spin
Caspar Babypants– “Let the S Go”- Here I Am!
SF Seals– “Kids’ Pirate Ship”- v/a Greasy Kid Stuff vol 1
Captain Bogg & Salty– “Bunny Jacks”- Emphatical Piratical
Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals– “Little Bunny”- Runaround Kid
Robbert Bobbert– “We R Super Heroes”- Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine
Candy Band- “Spiderman”- Lollipunk
Me3– “Sunlight”- The Thin King
Elizabeth Mitchell– “You Are My Sunshine”- You Are My Sunshine
Gustafer Yellowgold- “Constellation Pies”- Mellow Fever
Free Design– “Children’s Waltz”- Sing For Very Important People
Medeski Martin & Wood- “We’re All Connected”- Let’s Go Everywhere
Lisa Loeb– “Linger”- Camp Lisa

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