"The place where three really IS a magic number!" A radio program for kids and families that airs Saturdays from 9-10 AM EST on WRFL, 88.1 FM in Lexington KY.

Playlist 11/1/08

This week on Ages 3 and Up! we got locked out of the car. Seriously. If you click the player below, you can hear me whine about it.

Things could definitely have gone better, but they also could have gone worse. As I am an eternal optimist, here is a list of GREAT things that happened as a result of my losing the car keys while frolicking in a pile of leaves at the park:

1. I got to spend quality time trick-or-treating with my sister on Halloween.
2. Kid-O didn’t actually trick-or-treat as George Bush (original costume pictured at right).
3. I got to visit a friend who I would not otherwise have seen on Halloween- because he lived close to the park and we needed a ride.
4. I didn’t warp Kid-O’s mind by taking him to the Thriller re-enactment before he was ready.
5. I saved some gas.
6. I didn’t have to carry a huge bag of CD’s to WRFL in the morning, or worry about forgetting anything when I left the station.
7. I got to play a funny song about a vampire that I would not otherwise have played.
8. I was able to frolick in the same pile of leaves the next day, while looking for the car keys.
9. We got to celebrate when we FOUND the car keys in the pile of leaves!! Hooray!
10. I was able to take THIS opportunity to think about how much worse things could have been, and be thankful for the fact that they weren’t. Hooray again!!

Here’s what was played on Ages 3 and Up!:

Wee Hairy Beasties– “The Lonely Vampire”- Wee Scary Beasties

They Might Be Giants– “Sleepwalkers”- No!
The Sippy Cups– “The Day After Halloween”- One Day Soon
Uncle Rock– “Picnic in the Graveyard”-Plays Well With Others
Kimya Dawson– “Smoothie”- Alphabutt
Woody Guthrie– “Don’t You Push Me Down”- Nursery Days
Elizabeth Mitchell– “Three is a Magic Number”- You Are My Flower
The Old 97’s– “The Bug Song”-? I honestly don’t know where I got this.
Medeski Martin & Wood– “Where’s the Music?”- Let’s Go Everywhere
Vince Guaraldi– “Linus and Lucy”- A Charlie Brown Christmas
Classiks on Toys– “Blackbird”- Snoopy’s Beatles
The Not-It’s– “Helicopter”- 8 Songs
Me3– “Sunlight”- The Thin King
The Harmonica Pocket– “Ladybug 1-2-3” (Dub Version)- Ladybug One
Deerhoof– “Fresh Born”- Offend Maggie
Sugar Cookie– “Banana Yes, Banana No”-Sugar Cookie
Dinah Shore– “Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy”- The Dinah Shore Collection: Columbia and RCA Recordings 1942-1948

We didn’t actually celebrate Dia De Los Muertos, but if you did, we hope you had a fantastic holiday. The picture to the left is of Kid-O practicing his reading skills at the Lexington Cemetary a few weeks ago. If you’re local, and haven’t been there, you really should go. It’s a BEAUTIFUL place, and great for learning about Lexington’s early history/explaining to your young that cemetaries aren’t spooky- they’re just parks for dead people.

And… here’s a video.

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