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Playlist 9/20/08

Glad to be back on Ages 3 and Up! this week. We had new music from Kimya Dawson, as well as not-so-new music from The Hipwaders, Barry Louis Polisar, Steve Martin (yeah…the comedian) and lots of other folks. A few notes:I’ve mixed emotions on the new Kimya record, Alphabutt. There are some AWESOME songs on it, like “Little Monster Babies,” “Bobby-O,” “Wiggle My Tooth,” “Smoothie,” and “Happy Home.” Others are written specifically for her (probably) two-year old, Panda and are particularly potty training-centric. Still others are FAR more politically charged than I, personally, care for “We’re All Animals” and “Sunbeams and Some Beans.” I dunno… I guess I don’t care much for mixing music and politics. “Seven Hungry Tigers,” in particular would have been great if it hadn’t said the “S-Word.” -We don’t say “sucks” in my house. Some parents will really dig this. I have some reservations about it, is all.

Tito from The Hipwaders was kind enough to send me some of their CD’s and I dug ’em. Definitely worthy of attention.

I don’t play enough Barry Louis Polisar on Ages 3 and Up!… I really don’t. This guy is fantastic. They’ve got a lot of his releases at the Lexington Public Library so you could, very literally, check him out.
And as I mentioned, Steve Martin played banjo on Lisa Loeb’s newest release, Camp Lisa. “King Tut” is one of his stand-up hits, one I thought was hilarious when I was wee. If you want to hear more of his bluegrass stylings, he’s got a banjo record coming out later this year (I think).

Wow! I’m wordy today. Here’s what got played:

Lullatone– “Your Snore”- The Bedtime Beat
Montag– “Kiddo 2”- v/a See You on the Moon!
Lisa Loeb– “The Wake Up Song”- Camp Lisa
Ken Nordine– “Orange”- Colors
Kid Koala feat. Lederhosen Lucille– “Fruit Belt”- v/a See You on the Moon!
Elizabeth Mitchell– “What Goes On”- You Are My Little Bird
Kimya Dawson– “Little Monster Babies”- Alphabutt
Woody Guthrie– “Come See”- Nursery Days
The Hipwaders– “My Green Bicycle”- The Hipwaders
The Beatles– “Octopus’s Garden”- Abbey Road
Frances England– “Tugboat”- Family Tree
Michael Hearst– “The Moosetrack Shake”- Songs For Ice Cream Trucks
The Shaggs– “My Pal Foot Foot”- Philosophy of the World
The Spider Monkey Noodles– “Fruit Coctail”- Demo
Snowmonster!- “No More Sea Monster!”- Stone Cold Treasures
Princess Katie and Racer Steve– “Hey Claire!”- Fast & Feisty
The Not Its!- “Helicopter”- 8 Songs (album forthcoming)
Shel Silverstein– “Eight Balloons”- A Light in the Attic
Debussy– “The Little Waltz”- The Toybox
Beethoven’s Wig– “Silver Winds”- Beethoven’s Wig 3
Ella Fitzgerald– “Old Mother Hubbard”- Miss Ella’s Playhouse
Barry Louis Polisar– “I Wanna Be a Dog”- Old Dogs, New Tricks
The Candy Band– “Where Oh Where”- Lollipunk
Steve Martin– “King Tut”- A Wild and Crazy Guy
Rock Out!

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  1. Thanks for spinning our wax (retro way to thank you for slipping our CD into your player and playing us on your ultra-cool station).Feisty, I remain,Princess Katie

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