"The place where three really IS a magic number!" A radio program for kids and families that airs Saturdays from 9-10 AM EST on WRFL, 88.1 FM in Lexington KY.

Playlist 5/10/08

This week on Ages 3 and Up! we were joined by a special guest, DJ Darth Vader (a.k.a my son, Kid-O). DJ Darth paid tribute to his bionic roots by speaking robot instead of English, and requested I play orchestral tunes in his native tongue. To the untrained ear, it sounded a lot like a six year old saying “Bleep Bloop Beeep Beep Bip,” but I assure you that it WAS a robot language.

We also played some songs about Moms. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there!

Here’s what we played:

John Lithgow– “No One Loves You Better Than Your M-O-double M-Y”- Singin’ In the Bathtub
Supernova– “Mommy”- s/t
Frances England– “Fast Train to Grandma’s”- Family Tree
The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra– “The Imperial March”- John Williams Conducts…
David Bowie and the Philadelphia Philharmonic– “Peter and the Wolf”- Peter and the Wolf
Beethoven’s Wig– “Whistling Happily”- Beethoven’s Wig 3
Tom Glazer and the Do-Re-Mi Children’s Orchestra– “On Top of Spaghetti”- On Top of Spaghetti
Carolyn Mark– “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”- v/a The Bottle Let Me Down: Songs for Bumpy Wagon Rides
Woody Guthrie– “My Yellow Crayon”- Nursery Days
The Sippy Cups– “Snail Song”- Electric Storyland!
The Deedle Deedle Dees– “Tantrum”- Freedom in a Box

The Deedle Deedle Dees will be in Lexington, making appearances at several branches of the Lexington Public Library June 3rd and 4th. Be sure to check them out!

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