"The place where three really IS a magic number!" A radio program for kids and families that airs Saturdays from 9-10 AM EST on WRFL, 88.1 FM in Lexington KY.

Rainy Day

Sadly, there was no Ages 3 and Up! this week. It was a bummer, really, because I was SO excited about playing Derby songs. The Kentucky Derby only happens once a year, you know, so I’ve been looking forward to playing horse music in the same way that one looks forward to hearing Christmas carols, or singing Old Lang Syne.

Here’s what happened:

There is a FABULOUS doughnut store/gas station approximately a half mile from my house. I stop there on my way to WRFL on Saturday mornings to get my coffee and apple fritter.

On Friday evening I noticed that a little light on the dash of my car, the one shaped like a gas pump, had been illuminated for quite some time. Friday evening was cold and rainy, and I was tired and feeling a little lazy, and I was gonna be at a gas station Saturday morning anyway, so I ignored the little light and went home. Surely, I thought, there was enough gas in the car to drive a half mile and get to the gas station in the morning.

I was wrong.

The picture above is the view from inside my car, sitting on the side of the road on Saturday morning, waiting for the AAA guy to come with some gas. Thankfully, Neil was able to stick around and play some more tunes- I was listening, and taking pictures of the passing cars.

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