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I’m ba-ack!!

Back from the Big Apple, that is. I’m not entirely sure, but I’m thinking there was no Ages 3 and Up! this past weekend. In fact, yes…I’m sure of it now, there was no Ages 3 and Up! this past weekend. Apologies for my absence, and thanks to Neil Glass for filling in. I meant to let everyone know that I’d be out of town, but forgot.

In lieu of a playlist, I’m posting some vacation pictures and travel tips:

Tip #1– Don’t miss your flight. Sounds like a no-brainer, but I figured I’d mention it because we missed ours, and it was NOT a good way to start the trip.

Tip #2– Buy food before you go to the airport, but not drinks. Because an airport grilled cheese sandwich costs $10 and you can’t take drinks through security.

(L-R Kid-O picking Chewbacca’s pocket at FAO Schwartz, WAX LIPS!!, Dylan’s Candy Bar)

(L-R We saw/met/interviewed Morgan Taylor of Gustafer Yellowgold, The reason we went to New York [to see real mummies, which aren’t at all like the scary things you see on TV], Kid-O is a sculpture fan! He liked this one, a cat by Giacommetti.)

(L-R Mars 2112 was a hit, Kid-O at the Mars 2112 arcade, Inside the Empire State Building)

Tip #3– If you plan on going to the ESB with kids, go on-line and get the Express Passes. They’re more expensive but TOTALLY worth it, because you don’t have to stand in any of the (extremely long) lines.

(L-R Hanging with pigeons on top of the ESB, The INCREDIBLE Jazz for Kids program and really good barbecue at Jazz Standard, Kid-O making a friend at Jazz Standard)

(L-R Playing at Madison Square Park, JUMP at Union Square Theater is SOOO funny…I’ve never heard my boy laugh so hard, Kid-O on the Statue of Liberty’s toe)

(L-R Kid-O pouting because I told him to take his hands out of the Statue of Liberty’s nose, Lady Liberty’s original torch and our toy torch- which I had to tell Kid-O to take out of HIS nose, Chillin’ on the plane on the way home)

Tip #4– If you plan to go to the Statue of Liberty be sure to get reserve tickets and a Monument Pass online, well in advance. If you don’t have one, you can’t go inside the statue. Also, according to our very nice cab driver, the view of the Statue from Liberty Park NJ is much better than the view from Battery Park NY. The cab ride to New Jersey is much more expensive. It may have been worth it, though: The ferry ride departing the New Jersey side was considerably less crowded than its New York counterpart. FYI

This is where we stayed, inside and out. It was a pretty nice place…lots of original art, moderately priced, well located.

If you’re thinking of staying here, you should note that not all the art is kid friendly, and that the hotel is located squarely between the Museum of Sex and Le Trapeze (which I hear is one of, if not the, oldest swinger’s clubs in America). I had to answer some embarassing questions about one of the hotel’s paintings, was thankful that my child’s reading skills aren’t yet fully developed and that he didn’t really notice the museum’s diplays.
Which leads me to Tip #5– Find out EXACTLY what’s located near your hotel. Food and ATM’s are good, other things….maybe not.
So that’s where I was. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and that those of you on Spring Break are enjoying it!

Comments on: "I’m ba-ack!!" (4)

  1. sounds amazing! NYC might be our next big trip. looking forward to the FreeKY fest and the kids stuff there. hope to coffee it up with you soon!lauren

  2. NYC was awesome, but I’m glad to be back in Kentucky. It’s hard work havin’ that much fun. We’ll coffee soon!

  3. How great was the Gustafer show?

  4. It was fantastic. I particularly liked that the live performance tied together a lot of the elements from the CD’s/DVD’s- completed the story, if you will. There were a lot of jokes built into the live performance, as well as sing alongs and clap alongs for the kids. I don’t want to give away the jokes, but the Kid-O is still repeating them days later, and after everything else we did/saw in NYC. Gustafer was recently named best children’s performance by NY Magazine, and rightly so.Check it here:http://nymag.com/bestofny/kids/2008/performer/

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